devise on kosmo!

   Devise clothing on Kosmo! tabloid today.
   keep it up Ilyas in bringing Malaysian BMX up to the next level!

   catch devise on:
  and on their facebook. site.

   for the article in kosmo!: click here.

                              and don't worry ilyas. i still wears Devise in India.hehe.
                  friends support friends yeah.


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3 Responses to devise on kosmo!

  1. ilyas says:

    aku baru baca. thanks! keep on supporting! bli la lagi...pos malaysia bole laa pos sampai sanaaaa....keh keh keh

  2. hanila says:

    devise 4 life :D

  3. qidran says:

    ilyeh : haha. bulan 7 ni aku balik mesti angkat bju devise lagi.hehe
    hanila : yeah! bmx for life~