tinggi ni rupanya kaki aku bila attempt turbine elk glide.haha

       jumpa semua gambar ni kat Ride2026 punya page.
       event Bengaluru Cyclothon BMX Comp '09 yang aku pergi last year.
        crisis yg berlaku masa comp tu last year.

              Dipak: hey hi
9:57pm Qidran: hye2
                       why dun u answer my call?
9:58pm Dipak: i dont have my phone
9:58pm Qidran: ok2
9:58pm Dipak: i'm down wid flu 
9:58pmQidran: how about the comp?
                      r u allrite now?
                      pity u
9:59pm Dipak: you wanna come for the mumbai contest as a chief guest??
                      i cant ride for some time.
9:59pm Qidran: how about bangalore?
10:00pm Dipak: i asked rahul, bout u taking part in banglore.
10:00pm Qidran: then?
10:01pm Dipak : he said ur gonna win, with the way you ride. 
                        giving the locals no chance. 
                        that might not be good publicity. 
                       (padahal sebulan lepas beriya ajak aku compete
                        tapi tu sebelum aku pergi Mumbai ride dgn riders sana.
                        lepas tgk aku ride.. sembang lain pulak!)
10:01pm Qidran: so?
                         i can't compete?
10:02pm Dipak: i guess not.
10:02pm Qidran: and why is that so?
10:02pm Dipak: thats y i told ya to come to our contest, as the guest of honour.
10:03pm Qidran: because in malaysia, we always invite others to compete
                         we invite japanese and thai riders
10:03pm Dipak: ur in india now!!!
                        ( metallity 'jaguh kampung'.
                          jaguh di tempat sendiri tapi takut bila orang lain datang bagi cabaran)
10:03pm Qidran: we invited
                         york uno , hiroya morizaki
                         we know we will not win them

                         but we still compete with them
                        coz its the best way to progress in bmx

10:03pm Dipak: but, your scen is way different then the scene out here.
10:04pm Dipak: everyone rides, way better.
                        i know.
10:04pm Qidran: its the professionalism and passion
                         winning is not the main thing
                         the main thing is that you progress
                         giving new ideas
                         generate new ideas in flatland
                         so that next time 
                         we can progress faster
10:05pm Dipak: i know bot that.
10:05pm Qidran: back in in malaysia
                          i still compete altho i cant win
                          to fight with Mad Dagu,botak and Hezlan and others
                          they are much better than me
10:06pm Dipak:u still ide better than anyone out here.
10:06pm Qidran: but i still go to competitions
                         because i enjoy it
10:07pm Dipak:  who said you cant go to a compitition.
10:10pm Qidran: so
                         the event?
                         what do u mean by chief guest?
10:10pm Dipak: i told you that you can be the guest of honour.
10:11pm Qidran: means?
                         i can compete or not?
10:12pm Dipak: how do i say this.
                        i guess not.
10:13pm Qidran: hmm
10:13pm Dipak: but may be in mumbai. u can. but i cannot confirm right now.

10:13pm Dipak: i know how it feels.
                        im sorry to say that.

10:13pm Qidran: btw
                         if i come anyway?
                         what about the expenses?
10:13pm Dipak: to mumbai??
10:14pm Qidran: bangalore
                         and mumbai
10:15pm Dipak: banglore all the seats are done.
                        may be we can do some thing for mumbai.
10:15pm Qidran: so no place for me in bangalore?
                         coz im planning to go to bangalore
10:16pm Dipak: ohh when??
10:16pm Qidran: for my holidays
                          i can be the guest in bangalore if u want to
                         during that date
10:16pm Dipak: ohh when??
10:16pm Qidran: for my holidays
10:18pm Dipak: ill have to ask the people above me for that.
                       cause i know you very well.
                       but the people from the organizing side dont.
10:18pm Qidran: bcoz i mght still go to bangalore next week
                         if not
                         maybe i'll go other places to meet my friends
10:19pm Dipak: i'll confirm that tomorrow.
10:20pm Qidran:anyhow the organizer can directly cantact me
                        no problem
                        but please confirm it fast
                        because i want to confirm the bus ticket
                        or i might change the trip to other place
                        coz i need to plan my holidays very well
10:21pm Dipak: its US who are gonna put a word bout u to the organizers.
10:21pm Qidran: alrite
                         thanx a lot
10:22pm Dipak: cool i'll confirm tomorrow.
10:22pm Qidran: i would love to join u guys in the upcoming events
                         i'll wait for your call tomorrow night
10:22pm Dipak: thank you.
10:23pm Qidran: allrite
10:23pm Dipak: yeah man,
                        yeah man,
                        i wanna ride wid ya.
                        by the way.
                        i do fairly decent spins on the lawnmower. (lawnmower = trick yg aku ajar dipak kt Mumbai dulu)
10:24pm Qidran: allrite
                         practice more
                         the trick rocks!
                         one of m favourites
10:24pm Dipak: hahahaha!! ur kiddin rite.
10:24pm Dipak: i cant ride till the contest 

10:25pm Qidran:hope u'll get better soon
10:26pm Dipak: thats what we all hope, also rony tore his ligament.
                        he cant ride too.

padahal dia dah bagitau pasal event tu sebulan sebelum event date lagi.
bila aku tanya seminggu sebelum event dia cakap x confirm lagi la.macam2 alasan.
call pun  tak angkat.
kawan-kawan aku mostly balik Malaysia cuti.
tapi aku tak balik.
tapi aku tetap nk pergi jugak event tu.
sbb BMX is my passion.
benda yg aku minat gila.
and its not just about passion, its what i do seriously.
not just to show off or sumthing.
and that's what they don't understand.
the mean of passion and professionalism.
aku tak kisah pon pasal menang kalah.
tak kisah pun pasal prize money Rs20 000 tu.
yg penting enjoy riding.progress.idea.
so aku surprise dorng dgn pegi Bangalore senyap2.
tiba2 aku dah sampai sana.
terkejut dia tgk aku sampai bangalore.
walaupun aku tak dibenarkan compete, tapi aku puas hati.
sbb dapat sampai sana and ride.

tu jugak sbb kenapa aku beli DSLR.
to replace my hobby of Riding BMX for a while.
bcos as soon as i reach Malaysia back, its my bike i'll grab first and go riding.
sbb aku tak bwk bike aku datang india.
at least i have something else to do rather than doing nothing without BMX.
and the fact that studying Medicine as first year student of MBBS is hard too.

i love Malaysia.

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  1. sedih gila.saba je la wey.ini india.bukan msia.

    i love malaysia too!