RTM 321 Mula

            The RTM " 321 Mula ' Tv Show

              the three musketeers.

       Ahmad Shahrulnizam ' Sunny ' Ahmad

       Norazmeer ' Boy Guaq '  

           Wan Kecik

        Sunny's bike set up.
        Boy's bike set up. to differentiate Flatland from Street/park bmx bikes

         En.Nasir from YSB explaining about Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah's
         role in Kedah State's extreme sports development.

          the YSB-Rakan Muda Skatepark Alor Setar

         YSB skatepark is the only skatepark in Malaysia to feature a foam pit
          for training purpose.

          this is good.


            Boy's signature trick : Caboose

          Wan Kecik showing basic moves in BMX Flatland

           Ilyas from Devise clothing is sure happy to see the logo there.
          Funky Chicken. basic trick in BMX Flatland

           kedah flatland heroes.

         33 years old and still rocking.

          backflip is as easy as abc according to him. haha

         ohyeah 36666 pageview of my blog till date. i wonder who sees my blog anyway.



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  1. i'm a big fan of your blog ;)