Cambodia 2015 | day 1 part I : departure

    Penang Second Bridge

    7500th production of Boeing 737 for my flight from Penang to KL
    also my 15th flight for the year 2015

    went for wall climbing at Putrajaya Challenge Park
    PCP has become the usual place for me to hang out
    whenever i'm in Putrajaya / KL.
    my friend Mizi is the owner of Crossmove climbing pro-shop

    slept at KLIA2 for the night , backpacker's style while waiting for the flight
    early in the morning.

    sunrise over the Gulf of Siam

    aerial view of Mekong River

    Syai , Adib and Dayat.
    we bought sim card with 3G connection at the airport.
    cost USD5-10 according to data plans.
    surprisingly internet connection in Cambodia is
    better than Malaysia.

    fetched by Ust Khaifi from Emaan Foundation and
    Sue Ny from Cambodia

    breakfast at Mamak's Corner , Phnom Penh
    popular Malaysian Dish available here , including roti canai ,
    nasi lemak and mee goreng.
    but because Phnom Penh uses American Dollar as their major
    currency , things could get quite expensive over here.
    Mee goreng cost around USD $3 .
    during my time of visit ,
    USD $1 equals to 4000 Riel / RM3.90

    Phsar Thmei /  Central Market , Phnom Penh

    the newly built Al-Serkal Mosque in Phnom Penh.
    the mosque is donated by the Al-Serkal Family from UAE
    after the fall of Khmer Rouge Communist Era

    lunch at The Gulai , another Malaysian owned restaurant.
    food is delicious here.
    another halal restaurant is
    Restoran Halal , located at street 130 near riverside

    a cozy place to hang around while waiting
    for the Australians from AusRelief NGO .
    we are going to Koh Kong for a charity event
    held by AusRelief and Emaan Foundation

    Phom Penh City


    10-14th June 2015

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