foam pit

with new budget approved by Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah, Kedah (YSB) , 
a few more ramps were being added for the already functioning YSB skatepark
in jalan suka menanti, alor setar, kedah. Sunny from interactiveX proposed on
building new and better ramps for the skatepark, namely a foam pit(a square pit, filled with sponge for practising dangerous trick,populared by the woodward camp skatepark in US,the very first in Malaysia),roll-in ramp, judging tower , mini ramps and many more with the budget approved my YTM tunku puteri intan safinaz , chaiman of YSB. and from what i've heard is that the construction for the additional 
new ramps has finished. i also heard that junior BMX riders in alor setar
were using the foam pit very well, and some of them already
practiced "backflips","frontflips" and "tailwhips" and some other very hard BMX tricks with it.
nice to hear Kedah's riders progressed more quickly with the newly built foam pit.
and by building these new facilities, this skatepark is becoming one of
the best and complete skatepark in Malaysia, along with Mont. Kiara skatepark and
Shah Alam concrete park.

6 ft height mini ramp

roll-in ramp 

new stuffs for the skatepark.

the engineer, sunny(right)

farouk the skillful welder

from back forward : funbox , jump ramp, picnic table

sunny's backflip in the competition in conjuction with the skatepark's opening ceremony early 2009

waiting for sunny to post some new photos of the riders rocking the new foam pit.yeah!

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