Pablo's wedding.

    photo by : sunny

   iwan , abg. rizal , redza , qidran , Mat Dagu @ MiTC Melaka contest 2009

congratulations Redza a.k.a Pablo/redza tengkorak/redza Sg.Dua.
orang lama.
BMX flatland legend of Malaysia.
owner of Triways Auto workshop Penang.
i consider him as an artist.
very talented person with superb airbrush works with cars and bikes, including mine.
he's from Penang but i think he was the one that revolutionised Johor Bharu's BMX
scene, with most of JB's riders riding style (squekers,side scuffs , karl kruzers etc.)
was influenced by him back in the old days.

and now he's married.
congrats again. yeah~

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2 Responses to Pablo's wedding.

  1. Redza already settled down,
    congratulation to him because finally end bachelorhood it

  2. qidran says:

    yeah. dah abeh dah zaman bujang pablo~heh