Ride2026 bikeshop's BMX stunts Demo series.

         qidran  elk-glide turbinesBSA Hercules Cyclothon Bangalore '09

Ride2026 bikeshop's BMX stunts Demo series.
-2 hours daily : 7-8 PM to 10-11PM
-all expenses paid including Flight tickets, Tranportations, Hotels, food etc.
-plus payments for the demo ( decided by you )

1. 4th of June, 2010 :: Udaipur
2. 6th of June, 2010 :: Ganga Nagar
3. 11th of June, 2010 :: Meerut
4. 13th of June, 2010 :: Kanpur
5. 16th of June, 2010 :: Gorakhpur
6. 19th of June, 2010 :: Bareilly
7. 21st of June, 2010 :: Agra

Sami Makki ( who i met at a BMX competiton in Bangalore @ BSA Hercules Cyclothon Bangalore '09  last time ) 
from Ride2026 bikeshop Pune just called me yesterday and offered me
to do a BMX flatland show in India.
All expenses , including flight tickets,transportations , hotels and food will be fully covered.
He also asked me how much to pay me for the show , 
so I demanded Rs2000 per day @ rm150 
(considered cheap compared to what I usually get performing BMX demos in Malaysia).

the deal was set but sadly, i'll be having my final examination starting on 22nd June 2010.
missing this great offer.
but anyhow , better focus on my examination and then i can ride my BMX as much
as i can when i go back to Malaysia on 11th July.
and plus riding with other's bike (because i didn't bring my bike along to india)
and riding alone in this county is no fun for me.
can't wait riding back  in taman jubli and PJ tower car park this July.

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