M.I.K issue 1.0

M.I.K issue 1.0
made in kedah
Pulau Dayang Bunting abandoned bridge , Yan , Kedah , Malaysia

Penang BMX roadtrip.
sungai petani - penang

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3 Responses to M.I.K issue 1.0

  1. yes 翊翊翊翊張瑜翊翊翊.if I were a guy..I would like to be a part of bmx or skateboard ^^

    i love the background music,qidran?who sang it?your vid is the top! I would like to say thanks for this video.. I have been waiting for a good bmx vid from malaysia.

  2. qidran says:

    thanx for the comment.
    yeah its been a long time since malaysian bmx riders produce their own videos.
    the songs were keane-sunshine & alkaline trio - fine