Golden Triangle Trip 2010 : Old Delhi

Chandni Chowk , Jama' Masjid , Old Delhi , India

Karim Restaurant in fornt of gate no.1 Jama' Masjid , Chandni Chowk , Old Delhi.
the best in the world!

Jama' Masjid 
the oldest and largest mosque in India

we went there 2 days before a shooting incident near Jama' Masjid.

click here : hindustan Times

Taiwanese tourists was injured.
alhamdulillah we're not there on that day.
very hard to get in here.
you need to prove that you are a muslim ( IC, passport etc. )
and they'll check and scan ur body and bags. ( like in airports )
and to snap pictures here is hard also.
you need to pay Rs200 ticket as a permission to bring along your camera inside.
well , i consider the 200 rupees as sedekah to the masjid. :)

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