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Slum area in Karad , Maharashtra , India

giving Laddu to the children for Protein energy malnutrition programme

their main source of water is from tap water near the drain

slum area adopted by my University for community health programme.
most of them are  having AIDS , Hepatitis B and many more infectious diseases.
quite a dangerous place to visit.
income of less than Rs2000 ( RM 140 ) per month.
earns their livings by fishing at Krishna River nearby.
a very sad condition that makes me feel so much grateful of what god has given me till now.

what makes me more sad is the fact that most of them are MUSLIMS.
but i respect about them is no matter how hard their life is ,
they never complains.
they work hard to earn their livings.
their children still go to school.
and they never beg on us even for a single Rupee.
yes, they live in hardship , but they are not beggars.
not like us.
who complains all the time.
always complains about what people have, but forgot on
what god has given us before.
rumah ada aircon.
sekolah ada aircon.
pejabat ada aircon.
kereta ada aircon.
bus buruk atas jalan pun ada aircon.
tapi hati tak pernah sejuk.

fabiayyi aala irabbikuma tukazziban (Surah Ar-Rahman)

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  1. aten chan says:

    rumah,sekolah,pejabat,kereta,bas buruk ada aircond tapi hati xpernah sejuk.