Jassi 2010 Mangalore

Jassi 2010 Mangalore (Jalinan Sahabat Seluruh India )
Summersand Beach Resort , Ullal , Mangalore , Karnataka
1st-3rd October 2010 

about fiqh & modern medicine in Islam , priorities of muslim doctors , and dealing with
problems arising from modern medicine so that it would not counter the fiqh in Islam.

-Priorites of muslim doctors
-doctor's solat in difficult times ( emergency cases,during long standing operation surgery etc.)
-Patient's solat and doctor's responsibility for patients to perform solat ( mobilized & immobilized patients )
-wudhu' and tayammum in difficult conditions
-qiblat in wards 
-Jamaah Solat in wards
-rukhsah in solat
-aurat between doctors and patients
-goals of muslim doctors
-dealing with supernaturals & black magic
-other fiqh issues ( organ donating , sperm bank , surrogate mothers, in-vitro fertilisations , etc.)


more photos : click here.

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