Mamallapuram world heritage , Chennai , Tamil Nadu

locals pay Rs10 for entrance.
foreigners / non-Indians pay Rs250.
'world heritage'.

usually, i like going to these kind of places.
but ironically,
for a person who likes arts and photography like me,
paying Rs250 (25 X the price for locals )
just to see some carved stones was just not worth it.
better buy some food for my tummy.

*Rs20 for locals and Rs750 for foreigners is the entrance fee to Taj Mahal , Agra.
  well , paying this much ( Rs750 @ Rm50 ) just to see Taj  Mahal for me is worth it.
  worth it? yeah.
  because its THE TAJ MAHAL. (the trip : click here )

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2 Responses to Mamallapuram world heritage , Chennai , Tamil Nadu

  1. Nawa says:

    u cannot disguise as an indian ke?
    tot u look like one.hahah.

  2. qidran says:

    unfortunately.. x lepas! haha.ckpetu hindi pun berterabur inikan pu speaking Tamil di negeri Tamil Nadu.haha