NH-4 Highway | Summer 2012

    Horn OK Please. every trucks in India will have this.

    i used to see windmills only in movies and postcards.

    i wonder who can read all these signboards while driving

    i used to do stuff like this back in Malaysia with Pak Koq.
    with two BMX bikes , from Salak Tinggi to PJ / Mont Kiara

    the place in the world where you can see bus stops ,
    and people crossing  the highway. also catlles and dogs.

    suddenly McDonald's in the middle of nowhere. ( Kolhapur )

    car drifters will call this heaven.

    this is normal.

    when it rains suddenly during hot summer season in India ,
    the highway blooms with beutiful flowers.

   Along the Belgaum-Karad NH-4 Highway , India.

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2 Responses to NH-4 Highway | Summer 2012

  1. Fndy says:

    lori kat semak tu jadi tukun ke?

  2. qidran says:

    haha. memang buat tukun la kot.hihi