Indonesia BMX Roadtrip 2012 | Day 2 - around Jakarta

    FORMI - Federasi Olahraga Rekreasi-Masyarakat Indonesia

   discussions with
   FORMI Sekretaris Jenderal - dr. Iskandar Z.Adisapoetra,MSc " Pak Is "

   MENPORA - Menteri Pemuda Dan Olahraga Indonesia

    a light riding session at KEMENPORA compound

    people need to have at least 3 passengers in a vehicle
    to use this road at certain times.
    a good way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road , and reduce
    traffic jams ( people call it "macet" over here )

    but it ends up with people making extra money with this traffic regulation.
    if we happened to have less than 3 passengers in a vehicle ,
    pay these people some money
    and they'll 'hitch' our car , so that we now have more than 3 passengers in a car.
    and of course paying these hitch hikers
    costs less than getting fined by the traffic authority.

    we can see a lot of street musicians along the road

    school kids

    Murtabak Manis is actually like Apam Balik in Malaysia , but with extra toppings
    like peanuts , cheese , sweetened milk , chocolate etc. yummy!

    we call this Ayam Skinny. skinny fried chicken. delicious!

    meetings , ridings and foods around Jakarta City.

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