NH4 Highway Devangere-Bangalore 2012

    "Not Just Roads , Building A Nation"
    A Police Officer ( FRO ) once told me that most countries
    emphasize on technology first , then system , while India focus on
    system ( e.g mentality of the people ) rather than technology first , to
    build a great nation.
    i asked about the bad internet connection in India.
    He then answered ,
    "its useless to plant internet cables and have super fast connection
     (technology) , if the people (system) doesn't even know how to use it."
    well i must say , they failed both system and technology.

    "We two , ours' one " that stands for one family one child.
    another example of failed system in India.
    how can you ask people to do things they don't understand?

    Brigade Road , Bangalore , Karnataka , India

    found this Nike 6.0 Braata sneakers in Orion Mall , Bangalore

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