Dandeli Trip 2013 | Rafting

    Kali Wilderness Camp , Dandeli.
    checkpoint for registration.
    Jeeps will take us here to the upstream near the dam
    ( starting point for rafting ) about 1 hour into the forest.

    chicken / paneer ( cottage cheese ) 65 is delicious
    here at Sindhu Fishland restaurant.

    we had thali with bhangda ( ikan kembong ) for lunch

    Karad & Devangere friends


    Kali river downstream

    pwople wahing clothes by the riverside

    i look chubbier with short hairs.

    pig everyvhere in Dandeli town

    making puri

    Whitewater rafting . costs Rs1900 per head including transportation.
    the instructors were nice , professional and most importantly ,
    speaks proper , understandable english.

    it took about 1.5 hours for rafting along 11km of Kali river.

    Kali river is grouped as " Level  3 " for rafting.
    not really extreme , but quite good for leisure / beginner rafting.
    there are two choices for rafting ,
    a short course like this or longer that may take up to 4 hours.
    ( even short course like this took 1.5 hours , and it was very tiring )

    my favourite part , where the raft goes vertical
    and the front end is totally submerged into the water

    Dandeli , Uttara kannada , Karnataka , India
    February 2013

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  1. So great pictures, I love them.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice... good pics.