AGUNbmx roadtrip Kuching 2014 : Mount Santubong

   Permai Rainforest Resort.
   in the forest near Mount Santubong , and near the Damai Beach

   wild squirrel that likes to eat Oreo

    they turned a small stream into a bathing pond ,
    with natural fish massage as well

    treetop resort

    our cabin. confortable , can accomodate 8-10 persons

    the trail to the peak of Mount Santubong

    a viper we met during the hike

    somekind of fungus

    the tricky part of the hike starts from this junction

    a poisonous viper again

    smallest orchid species in the world

   the most difficult stage of the hike.

    finally , after 3 hours of hiking. we reached the summit
    810.2 meters (2,658 ft) above sea level.
    personally i think although the height is less than
    Mount Kinabalu , the trail is more difficult.
    Mount Kinabalu trail is more tiring because of
    long hike and thin air at high altitude , but
    Mount Santubong trail is more adventurous.

   view of Kuching city from the summit

    lizard that likes to eat Cadbury

    nailed Mount Santubong!

   AGUN bmx roadtrip Kuching 2014

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