Pulau Sayak | January 2014

    Tsunami memorial

    belangkas ( horseshoe crab )

    a trip to Pulau Sayak is never complete without
    having it's delicious Mee Udang

    shrimps as bait

    my first catch of the day : a kerapu ( grouper )

    seems a little bit mean , but this is the way to remove
    fishing hook from its mouth and avoid being stung by
    the poisonous spines on its body

    we caught a lot of puffer fish this time

    we were lucky to see a school of dolphins swimming
    as near as 100 meters from us. but that also means bad news for
    anglers. when dolphins came , all other fish ran away ,
    leaving us with no big catch for the day. only this
    small kerapu , ikan lembu , gelama and puffer fish

   its quite rare to see this much seashells at a beach nowadays


   Pulau Sayak , Kedah
   January 2014

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