Holi Festival | Chandoli , India 2014

   1 hour 15 minutes motorcycle ride to Chandoli National Reserve Park ,
    about 50km from Karad

    rain cover . really helpful.

   Holi Festival with my Indian batchmates.
   Some of them are still doing internship in Karad ,
   some will leave to their hometown soon ,
   and some who already left Karad came back just
   to celebrate Holi with us.

  After about 5 years , this is my first time doing Holi in India ,
  and might be the last time as i'll be leaving Karad for good
  next year.

  Holi Festival
 Monna Dam ,
 Chandoli National Reserve Park ,
 Maharashtra ,

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1 Response to Holi Festival | Chandoli , India 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice awesome friends

    thank you
    satish from chandoli