Kashmir 2014 | Srinagar Day 1 : around Srinagar

    we are greeted by the great Himalayas just before landing.
    the plane didn't touch down Srinagar yet but i've already stunned
    by the view.

    Himalayas are so huge they go above the clouds

   Srinagar International Airport

    no phone lines at all , so we have to borrow a Police officer's phone
    to call our driver.
    contrary to popular beliefs , Kashmir Police / Army are very friendly.

    we can see Indian Army at every turns and junctions ,
    wearing combat attire with live bullets .
    being at India-Pakistan border , Kashmir is a politically hot area.

    thousands year old Chinar trees around Srinagar city

    Dal Lake

   Kashmir 2014
   Day 1 : Srinagar

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