Kulkarni's Farmhouse | Supane , Karad

    Anirudh & Omkar

    farming and answering surgery related phone call at the same time

    carrot plant

    Chana dhal plant

    groundnut plant

    kacang hijau / mung dhal pods

    collecting fresh produce in the morning


    behind this smile is a very strong women struggling with
    her life.
    Kulkarni Madam was our medicine professor.
    she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year.
    She comes to clinic , by walking all the way every morning
    from her house just to teach us during medicine posting ,
    while still under treatment for cancer.
    one of the most dedicated teacher i've ever had in my life.

    the doctor family.
    Kulkarni Sir is our surgery professor , Kulkarni Madam is
    our medicine professor and their son Omkar is our batchmate
    doing MBBS together.

    water supply directly from Koyna river

    Kulkarni's second house in Supane.
    also a small village clinic

   A day at Kulkarni's farmhouse
   Supane , Karad

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