Kashmir 2014 | Day 3 Pahalgam : Gypsy Village

    Walnut tree

    playing cricket on the street

   Lidder River . a good spot for whitewater rafting .
   season for rafting is from May to August

    at time of my visit , India is holding its 2014 General Election.
    As it is a politically unstable state of India , I had to inform everyone regarding
    my trip to Kashmir including my University Administration , HOD of Medicine ( as I am
    currently posted in medicine department for internship )
    senior doctors , Student Advisor , General Consul of Malaysia and my family.
    Glad nothing bad happened during my trip.
    and ironically , I feel more secure in Kashmir rather than any other states in India.
   Army and police are everywhere to protect the civilians , especially tourists.

    people once told me that even the poor and beggars in Kashmir are beutiful.
    now i know for sure that they speak the truth.

    Kashmiri people are known to be prone for skin cancer.
    during winter they put clay pot filled with hot charcoal and
    put them inside their robes close to the skin to heat up their body.
    that will cause trauma to the skin and eventually turn into malignancy.

    passing through gypsy village while on the way to Pahalgam.
    all photos taken from inside our moving vehicle on rough road.

   13 April - 22 April 2014
   Day 3 : Pahalgam

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