Uttarakhand 2014 | Day 2 part I : Auli - Tali - Chitra Kantha Camp

    Auli Ski Resort
    we started our trek from here at 8.30am
    other than Gulmarg in Kashmir ( click here ) and Manali ,
    Auli is a popular ski resort in India during winter.

    light rain during initial part of the trek

    a meadow before entering Auli Alpine Forest.
    beyond this , phone line disappears.

    predominantly Pine and Oak trees

    a temple deep in the forest

    alternating between forest and meadow

    the flowers starting to bloom. full bloom during monsoon

    Clark's Iris flower ( click here )

    stopped for lunch

    packed lunch prepared for us in the morning

    Meadow of Gurson

    the first sight of Pangarchulla Peak 4550m

    looking at the Pangarchulla

    walking pass a steep cliff. very beutiful . my favourite part of the trek.


    reflection of Mount Pangarchulla on the Tali Lake.

    re-enter into the forest after passing through Tali

    finally we reached our campsite , Chitra Kantha ( Camp 1 ) .
    during this trekking trip , we'll be camping at 3 sites , and this is
    the first site .
    located in a small clearance deep in the alpine forest.
    we reached our campsite at 4pm , after 7 hours of trekking

    met these Australians camping next to our site.
    they've been trekking the reverse route of us , from Kuari Pass
    and heading to Auli the next day.
    I was amazed because all of them are quite old , around 50s I guess but
    still fit enough to go trekking.
    the guy with the red sweater is Garry Weare , the author of the book
    Lonely Planet " Trekking In The Indian Himalaya "
    we exchanged stories around the bonfire untill the last light of the day.


    Kuari Pass Trek & Pangarchulla Peak 4550m 
    Indian Himalaya Trek
    31st May - 5th June 2014
    Uttarakhand , India

    instagram : #KuariPassTrek2014

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2 Responses to Uttarakhand 2014 | Day 2 part I : Auli - Tali - Chitra Kantha Camp

  1. Kathy from Australia says:

    Dear Uttarakhand Trekker

    I am one of the Australian trekkers you met as we chatted around the campfire at the Chitra Kantha campsite. We were flattered to read your account of us as we not just 50 years old but were all over 60 years old! We did enjoy the Kauri Pass trek and you, like us, would have had wonderful weather for the next few days. Later we travelled and trekked to the Valley of the Flowers only to find an icefall had blocked the valley. So we joined many Sikh pilgrims on their walk up to Hem Kund, their sacred lake at 4330 m altitude. Not bad for a group of 60 year olds, eh? We hope you climbed the peak you were heading for when we met you. Good luck in your studies too. We've been enjoying your blog. Kathy from Australia

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those are some really incredible photos. I am planning to trek there a week from now. I hope the weather isn't too unforgiving.