Aidil Fitri 2014 | Penang trip with Aidwin

    Aidwin of AGUNbmx , me , Matbum and Paktam

    the last iftar of 2014 at Nasi Kandar Line Clear Penang

    makan hidang.
    a quick way to get the meals servedwithout having to queue up
    if we we come here by group.
    Just order white rice , friend chicken , vegetables , kuah campur ,
    papadam and a jug of water.
    will cost around RM10 per person.
    avoid fancy meals like big prawns , fish head etc or else the price will
    insanely skyrocket.

    Straits Quay

   a short trip with my friend Aidwin who came all the way from
   Kuching , Sarawak to Penang.

  our trip to Kuching with Aidwin : click here ( 2014 )
                                                         click here ( 2013 )

  30 Ramadhan / 1 Syawal
  Aidil Fitri 1435H
  July - August 2014

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