Fishing trip | Pulau Tiga , Sungai Petani , Kedah

    we went fishing on 7th Syawal ( 7th day in Islamic Lunar Calendar ).
    during this time onwards up from 5th-9th and 19th-23rd day in the month ,
    that is during first and third quarter of the month ,
    " Air Mati " ( Neap Tide ) occurs.
    at this time , the difference between high and low tide is least , 
    making the current in the river slower , and the water appears stationary.
    It's easier to use floats while fishing at this time because the float will stay
    stationary at one place.
    regarding moon phase and fishing : click here

    Nami with his first catch of the day , a Buntal ( puffer fish )

    my first catch of the day : ikan susu ( milkfish )

    we are aiming for Siakap ( Barramundi / Sea bass ).
    Neap Tide is ideal for fishing for Siakap.
    we used no.10 hook , a float and live shrimp bait.
    live shrimp bait costs us 40cents per piece , and we bought 50 of them.

    we used float so that the bait will stay suspended in the mid-stream and
    doesn't sink to the bottom , because Siakap is not a bottom-feeder.

    Bakri who owns the boat

    our spot is under the mangroves and Tukun (artificial fish habitat )
    where fish likes to play and seek shelter

    beneath the pile is the Tukun

    finally , a Siakap.
    but sadly we ran out of baits this time.
    so this was my only Siakap caught .

    Siakap and Ikan Susu

    Sweet & Sour Siakap cooked by mom.

    Pulau Tiga
    near Bandar Laguna Merbok
    Sungai Petani , Kedah


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