Surgery & Anaesthesia Posting

    a newborn posted for intestinal obstruction surgery

    Pilonidal Sinus

    Pilonidal Sinus

    Exploratory Laparotomy in a case of post-traumatic intestinal perforation
    6 weeks after road traffic accident.


    the removed part of perforated small intestine


    Coronary angiography . this procedure costs Rs60000 / RM3k here in India ,
    and will cost at least RM12k in Malaysia

   the stent for dilating a narrowed portion of coronary artery

    the narrowed part of Left Coronary Artery

    necrotizing fascitis posted for above knee amputation

    cable saw used to cut bones

    cutting the bone with cable saw

    amputated leg

   ligation of Great Saphenous Vein

    applying bone wax

    making the sharp edge of cut surface of bone smoother

    gangrene in diabetic foot

    Amputation of great toe

    Anaesthesia posting


    palatine tonsils

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma posted for wide excision and
    Split Thickness Skin Graft ( STSG )

    harvesting skin graft from the leg

    STSG - Split Thickness Skin Graft

    applying the skin graft

    did my first spinal anaesthesia procedure during anaesthesia posting

    Ureteric Catahtherisation

    a case of bilateral renal stones
  ( multiple stones on right side and staghorn calculi on left side )
  posted for PCNL - PerCutaneous NephroLithotomy


    renal stones


    Commando's Operation

    graft for tympanoplasty obtained from temporalis fascia


   UGI Scopy

    Grade 3 Oesophageal Varices with Candidiasis

    Epidural Anaesthesia

    Triple Bypass Surgery
    ( GastroJejunostomy + CholecystoJejunostomy + JejunoJejunostomy )
    for Carcinoma of Head of Pancreas

    Triple Bypass Surgery

    Surgery and Anaesthesia Posting
    23/5/2014 - 21/7/2014

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  1. Hi there, Qidran!

    I am interested on your pictures you took during your internship/surgeries. I have question here. Do you perhaps ask permission before doing so? Do you bring your dslr too? I, a medical student myself am keen to take pictures during my rounds, but afraid that doctors and the patients would be sensitive by it. could you tell me how you did it? thanks~