Bone cyst in right Femur

    Orthopaedics OPD

    cervical traction for cervical fracture

    a broken implant and malunited humerus

    collagen to help wound repair

    a father and son with Crouzon Syndrome
    rare congenital anomaly , 1 : 100 000 occurance

    male orthopaedics ward


    cutting a plaster of Paris cast

    removing a K-wire

    view from OPD

    fiberglass cast


    bilateral cast for Congenital Talipes Equino Varus / CTEV ( club foot deformity )

    Patil Mama

    fractured clavicle

    bipolar prosthesis

    malunited fracture


   ended my Orthopaedics posting.
   now i'm considering to do specialty in Sports Medicine.
   previously Sports Medicine specialty was under Orthopaedics Department ,
   but now a seperate Masters / Diploma programme has been conducted in
   who knows with this , maybe i can work under Majlis Sukan Negara ,
   and be part of Malaysia Sports team again , not as national athelete like i used to be
   ( click here ) , but as a sports physician instead.

   with more and more medical students graduating , I believe the competition
   for post-graduate seats will become even tougher in the future , especially
   in 'popular' branches like family medicine , cardiology etc.
   Sports Medicine is often misunderstood by most people , but I see
   good potential in it , in career projection and
   to escape from 'routine' doctors life.
   ( working with atheletes in MSN )

   I also think that in the future in Malaysia , getting the job after graduating
   from medical school will not be as easy as it used to be .
   we can say now medical students will definitely get a job as soon as
   they graduates , but that situation will change .
   Medical students might have to be ( or already being )
   screened via interviews  , exams and
   have to prepare CV / resume like in other professions .
   ( or worse case , looking for jobs in )
   So my plan is , apart from medical knowledge and skills ,
   i will try to keep doing what i like to do , travelling ,
   climbing mountains etc and achieve more things and experience related to
   Sports Medicine to add up to my resume.
   next thing to do is Pune International Marathon in December 2014.

   and of course family , marriage , house , car and investments.

  Orthopaedics Posting
  Karad 2014.

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