Hampi day 1 part II : Hemakuta Hill

    Virupaksha Temple

    Hemakuta Hills near the temple

    Hemakuta Hill is located to the south of Virupakha Temple.
    Hindus believe that bad spirit comes from south , and good spirit
    comes from north.
    So they will build their house with the main entrance facing north.
    In this case , there is no entrance to the Hemakuta Hill from inside
    Virupaksha temple. so we have to trek outside the temple to climb
    the hill.

    prayers for Dark moon / new moon / anak bulan

    people came to sleepover at the temple for the dark moon

    Banana Leaf restaurant.
    i like the vibe and the service here.

    i found that Beatles T-shirt are sold in most of the religious places
    in India.
    John Lennon is a Hindu follower.

    cheap leather bags

    Adromeda Galaxy on the top left corner

    Orion the Hunter

    M42 Orion Nebula


    Hampi , Karnataka , India.

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