Kerala | part III : Periyar / Thekkady

    Munnar to Periyar 110km / 4 hours

    youngest bud is handpicked to make white tea.
    young leaves is superior to old leaves in term of quality.

    cardamon plantation in the jungle

    to pick a high quality cardamon , shake the seeds.
    high quality seeds gives good sounds when shaken.
    a visit to Spice Garden while on the way to Periyar a.k.a Thekkady.
    learned a thing or two about spices.
    these will turn into green pepper , red pepper , white pepper and black pepper
    depending on aging and drying process.
    Green pepper is the hottest , while black pepper is the least hot.
    to determine the quality of black pepper , soak the black peppercorn in water.
    a good quality black pepper will sink to the bottom.
    for cinnamon , rub the cinnamon roll.
    a low quality cinnamon will produce powder easily when rubbed ,
    means that it has been sprayed and dried with cinamon powder on the


    Allspice plant.
    it has combined flavours of cinnamon , nutmeg and cloves .

    vanilla plant

    Nutmeg / biji pala

    vanilla bean. costs Rs12 per gram

   Jungle Park resort in Periyar

    view of the edge of Periyar Tiger Reserve from the resort

    Kerala Meals

    elephant ride

    elephant tear.
    the ride that I regretted during the trip.
    i was excited for the elephant ride intially , then when the trainer
    hit the elephant with canes and hook , i suddenly remember
    the video I watched about cruel elephant training in Thailand.
    regarding elephant ride and animal cruelty : click here

    Traditional Kerala Kathakali Dance.
    Music , facial expressions , body gestures and detailed costumes being
    predominant component in the show.

    Kalaripayattu martial arts

    Part III : Periyar / Thekkady
    Kerala : God's Own Country
    February 2015

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