pay more , pay early

   before getting a house loan  :

    - affaordable loan repayment is 1/3 from salary @ 33%
        - 30% for housing loan + 20% for non-mortgage loans ,
           so maximum is 50% from salary just to pay loans.
    - reserve. at least 3 months salary in cash for emergency
    - Look for flexibility ( flexi ) loan instead of just loan with low interest.
     pay extra per month with the flexi loan to reduce the interest and principal

    - look for syariah compliance Al Bai Bithaman Ajil but with flexi scheme
    instead of fixed payment monthly.

    the key is to pay more , and pay early .

     - pay as soon as loan approved , even before maturity period.
     - pay extra per month , to reduce the principal faster.
       e.g /
              instead of RM1000 per month , pay RM1100 monthly.
              loan period will reduce from 20 years to 15.5 years
              * not an actual figure , just to put things into perspective
     - pay on two-weekly basis. split the monthly amount into two ,
       then pay every two weeks.
       because in a year , there are 12 months , but 26 of two-weeks
       instead of 24 . so we pay 26 times instead 24 times a year , making
       the principal reduce faster.
     - pay extra when we get extra money e.g bonus.
      save at least 10% from extra income to pay house debt
     - withdraw from account 2 KWSP to pay house loan
     - maintain the same amount of payment even though
       the interest rate has reduced.
     - increase repayment amount when salary increases.
       maintain a 30% ratio from salary for housing loan.

   why pay more and pay early ?

   " when the interest part of the loan repayment has been paid ,
      any extra amount paid will reduce the principal for that month.
      subsequently the lesser pricipal leads to lesser interest for
      the next payment "

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