Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part VII : the longest yard

    our base camp 2 . Base camp 2 was located near a cliff & waterfall near
    Kartige village .
    it rained heavy last night , and minor quakes can be felt at least
    4-5 times throughout the night.
    it was scariest night of my life , scared of another aftershock and 
    possible landslide made worse by the heavy rain
    the location for base camp 2 was totally different from base camp 1 ( click here )
    that was located in an open space away from cliffs.
    base camp 2 was located very near to a cliff , with big rocks on top of the hill ,
    near to a waterfall and a landslide area.
    but being an experienced mountaineer , Mr Ravi assured that this was the safest
    place to make camp as compared to other nearby sites around.

    across the gorge was a landslide area that we need to cross to reach the
    next village for our medical relief mission.
    it is clear now why relief supplies can't reach the villages up in the mountains ,
    because no land vehicle can go beyond Kartige due to damaged road
    due to landslide.
    we started our mission early in the morning after a light breakfast.
    we packed medicines , some chocolate bars and chlorine tablets for
    water purification into our Hypergear dry bag.
    we travel light , reducing our personal needs in order to maximize
    the number of medicines to bring to the villagers affected by the earthquake.

    crossing a high risk landslide area

    another landslide area in front of us.
    Mr Ravi leads the way , while Dr Megat and me stays behind alternating
    with each other as a ' sweeper ' .
    as a sweeper , we make sure everyone is safe and stays in front of us ,
    and warns them if we see danger coming e.g rockfall to the people in front.

    we reached about 1700m ASL at this stage

    the first sight of an affected village after a few hours of trekking

    the essence of mobile clinic was to treat any patients we met along the way.

    Manche village

    me doing a wound dressing for a patient

    ropeway to cross a glacier river

    the trek up the mountains

    some maize that they recovered from the earthquake
    most of their 1 year worth of food supplies were damaged during the earthquake.

    a lot of mint plants along the way

    a totally damaged village on the mountain.
    imagine how much time they'll need to bring back construction materials
    from the city up to the mountain to rebuild their houses.

    few hours of tiring trekking and we can still smile , at least.

    near the snow capped mountain is Gumba region , and beyond that is
    the Tibetan border.

    biggest ladybug i've ever seen

    getting some rest and refilling our water bottle with the fresh spring water.
    we brought along AquaTab water purification tablets for this.
    water tastes like swimming pool water after putting the tabs inside ,
    but at least it's now safer to drink.

    very high up on the mountain.
    one of our team members experienced dizziness and breathlessness
    at this stage , a warning sign of AMS - Acute Mountain Sickness
    due to high altitude.
    but we didn't give up and kept pushing on.

    finally we reached our destination : Pangapur Village.
    now we see clearly the extend of the damage done by the earthquake.
    all houses turned into rubble , and they have no shelter left.
    monsoon and winter season is coming , and we have no clue how
    they will cope up with that.
    from what the villagers had told us , relief supply only reached them
    once via helicopter .
    and since they live up on the mountain , they have to come down by
    walking for few hours to get supply from Kartige then return back
    on the same day.

    so we were up there to give medical attention to the villagers who can't walk
    down the mountain to get proper treatment for their illness.

    Trekking for 8 hours from Kartige to Pangapur ( 2500m ASL )
    5 hours to climb up the mountain , quickly set up a clinic then
    3 hours return journey to Base Camp 2.
    we didn't even had time for lunch during the day.
    the longest yard , the most hardcore day for our mission
    but the most satisfying day for us.
    treating patient in the mountains was our goal , and now
    we can proudly say mission accomplished.
    glad we made it this far.

Day 5 in Nepal
GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
Team 1
4th to 11th May 2015

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