Cambodia 2015 | day 4 part II : Phnom Penh streets

    near Russian Market , Phnom Penh

    met a few local  BMXers and skaters in Phnom Penh City

    Happy Pizza at Riverside Phnom Penh.
    Pizza garnish with cannabis

    Lok Lak Beef with rice at Halal Restaurant at Riverside Phnom Penh.
    costs 9000 Riel @ USD $2.50
    tasty , but too much MSG i think.
    Phnom Penh Night Market.
    because they use USD currency , thing could get
    pretty expensive sometimes.

    Halal Street food across the Riverside.
    we stayed at Phnom Penh River View Hotel located
    at Khan Russey Keo ,  Phnom Penh.
    this area is a Muslim area , so finding Halal food here
    is not a problem.

    10-14th June 2015

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