narrow escape

    it was around 4 a.m in the morning , Abah was driving alone to
    the hospital to get medication for his asthma.

    suddenly abah's car was hit by a speeding MyVi at a T-junction
    near the original branch Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang.
    we rushed to the scene immediately when Abah called.
    relieved to see nothing serious happened to Abah.

    the impact was so big it made abah's car to spin 90' sideways

    after hitting abah's car , the MyVi hit a lamp post .
    luckily Abah and the other driver were OK.
    the MyVi driver was supposed to have his wedding reception
    in the afternoon that day.
    the MyVi driver said that he dozed off while driving , and hit
    Abah's car.

    luckily the Myvi hit only the front portion of Abah's car.
    although with such big impact , Abah's BMW e90 suffers only
    a broken suspension , leaked radiator and damages limited to
    only the right side of the front of the car , while passenger side
    remains intact.
    i used to say that imported car price is too expensive , but
    seeing this with my own eyes I realized that the safety features are
    worth paying for.
    something to consider regarding car safety : click here

    luckily nothing serious happened to my dad.
    car accident when i was in India : click here

    31st May 2015
    Sungai Petani , Kedah.

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