mossy forest : mount Irau

    we camped at the car park at the entrance to the Mossy Forest

    stargazing in Brinchang : click here

    we only had a 1 layer tent , 1 sleeping bag and no sleeping mat.
    being at 2000m ASL , it was very cold , around 15-18'C
    making us sleepless throughout the night.
    sunrise at the Mossy Forest entrance

    we started our hike at 8.00 am

    a small snake greeting us at the entrance

    a platform at the entrance to the Mossy Forest .

    the entrance to the Mossy Forest is already located at 2000m ASL ,
    while Mount Irau is located at altitude 2100m ASL.
    although there is no much difference in elevation between
    the starting point and Mount Irau peak , trekkers need to trek
    for about 2.35km @ average 3 hours to reach the peak ,
    passing through beautiful mossy forest with thick muddy ground.
    clean shoes at the beginning.

    it's a common sight throughout the trail to see shoe soles being left behind.
    some people advises that trekkers should bring old trekking shoes ,
    as the mud will make the shoes very dirty.
    but from my experience , it's so much better to wear good quality
    and not too old shoes , considering that the trails are quite tough
    with occasionally mud with 1ft deep.
    better off with new shoes rather than wearing old shoes but
    risking in the soles falling off while trekking.

    getting dirty is inevitable while trekking in the mossy forest

    a cut due to sharp tree roots.

    I spotted this hammerhead worm while trekking.

    wild orchids

    rattan fruit

    Christmas moss , popular for aquarium decorations ( click here )

    the trek was quite demanding.
    a little bit more difficult than my previous
    Mount Santubong trip ( click here )


    a lot of pitcher plant along the journey

    reached Mini Irau at 11.15 am. supposed to arrive earlier
    but we were too bus taking photos along the journey

    after resting for 15 minutes , we continue our journey
    to mother Irau peak

    the most beautiful spot , located just before reaching
    Mount Irau peak.

    I've never seen anything like this before.

    smallest orchid species

    reached Mount Irau 2110m ASL at 12.45 pm
    after 1 hour 15 minutes trekking from Mini Irau peak.

   a quick unplanned trip to Mossy Forest Mount Irau with
   Sunny and Zaim Rosli.
   Me and Sunny always wanted to go to this place since
   2 , 3 years back , but too occupied with other things
   and never had a chance until now.
   next in our wishlist is  the Mulu Pinnacles
   someday insyaAllah.

  itinerary :

  11.30pm - leave Ipoh to Brinchang
   1.00am - arrives at Mossy forest entrance in Brinchang.
                  we made camp here.

  8.00 am - starts trekking
  11.15 am - reaches Mini Irau peak.
                    rest for 15 minutes.
                    usually people will take average 3 hours to reach here ,
                    but we were too busy taking photos along the journey
 11.30 am - continue to Mount Irau
 12.15 pm - reaches Mount Irau 2110m ASL
 1.30 pm - starts descending.
                  it suddenly rained at midway of the journey
 3.45 pm - reaches car park
                  we took only 2 hours 15 minutes from
                  Mt Irau back to our car.

   Mossy Forest
   Mount Irau
   Brinchang , Cameron Highlands
   21 September 2015

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