Gunung Baling | August 2016

  Short hiking trip to Mt Baling , about 1 hour drive from Sungai Petani

    entrance to Mt Baling. basic things like public toilet is available for trekkers

    a cave we encountered after 15 minutes of hiking


    traffic light in the middle of a jungle.
    i think they put this as a guide for night trekking.

   the trail starts to be rocky with sharp edges. on the upper 1/3rd of the route.
   though i didn't wear any , but wearing gloves and shin guard is advisable
   for safety purpose.

    crystal rocks

    reached the top after 1.5 hours of trekking

    the view of the ridge from top.
    on the other end of the ridge is Mt Pulai

    love to put myself in this position , just to feel the adrenaline kicking in.

    reminds me to the camping and trekking trip in the Indian Himlayas
    in 2014 ( click here )

    Mount Pulai at the other end of the ridge.
    although it looks similar , but climbing it is more difficult due to sharp rocks
    on the terrain along the way up

 impromptu trekking trip with my buddy Sunny to
 Mount Baling , Kedah.
it was a relaxing trip with surprisingly beautiful view.
took us average 1.5hours of trekking to reach the top .
not a technical nor exhaustive hike , I rate this as 2-2.5 / 5 for difficulty level.
good enough for inexperienced trekkers.

Gunung Baling
Baling , Kedah
August 2016

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