Cambodia | September 2016

    Arrival at Phnom Penh airport , and buying local SIM card which costs us 3-5 USD each

    what i noticed is that most of the roads in Cambodia has no proper drainage system ,
    hence the flash flood each time after a heavy rain

    arrived at Kampot District , about 3-4 hours drive from Phnom Penh


    ' Heal The Sick ' Campaign by Australia's AusRelief and Cambodia's Reform

    operation theatre set up in a classroom

    sterilization method for the surgical instruments

    this time I went to Cambodia with Asyiq , a very talented photographer

    excision of Lipoma under local anaesthesia


    the locals are kind enough to offer us fresh seafood from the southern coast if Cambodia

    another program in Phnom Penh

    I was given a chance to conduct circumcision to local Cambodian kids

    visited HBB  - came for the launching ceremony last year : click here
    This year Dr Lutfi Fadil has been nominated as
    United Nation Young Leader (  click here )

    me and Asyiq ( team BeyondBorders | click here )
    Hidayatullah was not with us this time as he's in Turkey that time
    on assignment covering for #Rose2rose campaign ( click here )

    Humanitarian Mission with AusRelief & Reform
    30th September - 2nd August 2016
    Kampot & Phnom Penh , Cambodia

   last year's mission : click here

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