Lombok Day 1 part II : arrive in Gili Trawangan

    my travel partner Acap , old friend since primary school

    we stayed at Mosaic Gili. I really likes this place . comfortable room.
    a bit far from the main beach in Gili Trawangan ( but still walking distance ) ,
    but that's a good thing because the merging pubs at the beach makes it too
    crowded and noisy.

   open air bathroom.

    most people will rent bicycle to travel in Gili.
    costs Rs50k @ RM15 per day

    Lombok people selling  their land to outsiders.
   not a good thing i guess


   Pandawa beach on the other side of the island.
   this side of the island faces Bali ( to the west ) , hence a popular place
   to enjoy sunset

    the famous swing at the beach

   it gets crowded during sunset  , and we need to queue to take photos here

   mount Bali across the sea

  Gili Trawangan

backpacking to Lombok
Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia
23rd-25th  May 2017

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