Lombok Day 3 : southern region Mandalika

    time to say goodbye to Gili Trawangan.

    heading south from Bangsal to Mandalika region :
    Kuta Lombok & Bukit Merese in Tanjung Aan.
    Kuta Lombok is just 30 minutes away from Lombok International airport

    pretty impressed with the road condition in Lombok main island

    Mataram City

    the Sasak people inhabiting mainly  the central and south Lombok.
    these people are famous with their unique culture , that is to elope
    with the bride if they plan to get married

    a hike up Bukit Merese , Tanjung Aan.

    breathtaking view from Bukit Merese.
    but unfortunately , this too , will not last as a MotoGP circuit & high-end resorts
    are going to be built here.

    my driver Pak Nia.
    very kind and honest man.

   the Southern region of Lombok , Mandalika for me is more beautiful
   than the overrated Gilis.
   I regret not staying here longer.
    Kuta Lombok , Bukit Merese , Tanjung Aan
    Mandalika , South Lombok

    backpacking to Lombok
    Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia
    23rd-25th  May 2017

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