orang asli

    a program deep into the forest to Pos Bersih , Keding , Tibau and Tenau in
   Ulu Slim region of Perak State

    hotspring at Ulu Slim

    going deep into the jungle with help from 4x4 team Ovelander 3F ( 03F )

    from my observation  , the most popular car used by the Orang Asli is
    this particular Proton Saga model

    arrive at out camp in Pos Keding , about 20 minutes 4x4 ride from Pos Bersih

    me and Dr Faried , Orthopaedic MO in HSAH. I'm currently a Houseman
    in HSAH Orthopaedic department

    training programme for future humanitarian volunteers by
    Malaysian Relief Agency ( MRA )

    Wan Kamaruddin , a journalist / TV Host  known for his quote
    ' Apa Kejadahnya semua ini '

    team MRA Kedah conducting practical session for field clinic ,
    and real time medical check ups in the Orang Asli villages

    team MRA Kedah consists of Mr Saiful ( Ortho Surgeon ) , Dr Faried ( Ortho MO ) ,
    Housemen Me , Syamim , Nisa , Amalina , Nurse Wani  , MA Azman
    and retired ortho MA Abg Haji from HSAH.

    Abah , ex VAT 69 haring some knowledge about jungle

    we see that with urbanisation , more Orang Asli is getting
    ' urban ' diseases nowaday , e.g hypertension & diabetes , maybe due to
    urbanisation of daily diet

    night clinic at Pos Keding

    Tok Batin of Pos Keding

    the farthest Orang Asli Village ,  Pos Tenau

    Program Tautan Kasih
    Malaysian Relief Agency ( MRA )
    Ulu Slim , Perak
    2-4th June 2017

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