unloading items from the trucks

    theory class & group discussions

    discussion about field hospital layout and operation management

    presentation of field hospital layout , including tents arrangements , crowd flow ,
    water & electricity supplies , security , emergency exit points

    setting up the T20 tent

    setting up the large T36 tent

    the T36 , we put this as an Operation Theater.
    functional OT with OT table , anaesthesia sets , air conditioner ,
    autoclave etc

    the large water bladder for water supply for the whole field hospital

    simulation exercise mimicking real life mission situations ,
    including intruders attack , pressures from local people & media ,
    terrorist attacks etc

    still a houseman in my final posting in Emergency & Trauma Department

    unpacking & packing back the whole field hospital

   MERCY Malaysia Emergency Medical Team Field Training Exercise

 28-30 July 2017

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