east coast Sabah

    our team to Sabah this time , consists of Orthopaedic Surgeon ,
    MO , Houseman , retired Medical officer & nurses & clinic manager

    1.5 hours drive from Tawau to Semporna

    night market in Semporna

    Day 2 : our first mission at Pulau Bum Bum

    surgical instruments we brought for circumcision

    our operation tables inside a mosque in Pulau Bum Bum

    Me and Haji Mukhtar , retired HSAH MA , old timer and very experienced
    in the circumcision industry.
    In Pulau Bum Bum , we managed to get 14 kids circumcised.

    Dr Faried ( HSAH Ortho MO ) assisted by Azman from MRA Sabah

    not much problem doing circumcision to the Bajau kids.
    they are tough  , having higher pain threshold and very co-operative ,
    unlike city kids nowadays that are too pampered.

    ceremony after the circumcision session

    local ceremonial items : rice , salt & lemongrass

    apart from severe hypertension ( BP 200/100 ! ) and uncontrolled DM ,
    there's this gangrenous diabetic foot ulcer case as well during our medical check up.
    this amends for urgent surgical intervention , hence referred to Hospital Semporna STAT.
    I remember during orthopaedic rotation during housemanship  ,
    I do  bedside Ray's Amputation for cases like this.

   still in my 6th and final posting and appointed as houseman leader
   in Emergency and Trauma Department in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim.
   I worked during public holidays ( AidilAdha , Merdeka , Hari Malaysia etc )
   then claimed back my leaves to join this mission.

    selling petrol in bottles , like in Indonesia ( click here )

    they sell lobster this big for RM200-400 / pc according to weight
    the Bajau Laut ( Sea Gypsies ) are famous for their ability to dive and hold breath
    for a very long time

    Day 3 : mission to Mabul Island , about 1.5 hour boat ride from Semporna

    we were escorted by the Marines for safety


    amazed by the beauty of this place.

    Medical check ups and circumcision at Madrasah in Mabul Island

    we attended more than 200 patients during the day

    our operation room set up in a classroom

    we run two OTs at once

    above all , this is my favourite photo during the trip.
    resembles what happening to the Bajau Laut people , naked , owns no land ,
    no citizenship but being used as political donkeys

    kahanga shells

    resorts around Mabul

    Semporna wet market

    briefing , planning and debriefing everyday before dinner

    Day 4 : mission to Kunak , 1.5 hours drive from Semporna
    located near to Lahad Datu , this place is put on alert due to
    high pirate activities

    the stateless Bajau Laut colony in Kunak

    the village leaders

    Alex from MRA Sabah.
    MRA Sabah arranges the programs & logistics , while with medical capacity ,
    MRA Kedah takes the lead in the clinical sector during this mission

    local diet made of Ubi Kayu ( Tapioca )

    small packets of  household items in local groceries

    nasi Payau ( Deer meat ) , costs RM9 per plate

    Ikan Bayan ( Wrasses ) is quite difficult to find in Penisular Malaysia.
    here , there's plenty , and they even dried it

    peut ikan @ dried fish maw ( actually not a fish gut , but a swim bladder )
  costs thousands of Ringgit for this!

    shark fin . RM3000/kg

    Tawau Fish Market

    ikan bayan


    ikan Uji Rashid - obviously , because of the big eyes!


    huge tiger prawns

    yellowfin Tuna

   Misi Bantuan Perubatan & Pendidikan bersama Masyarakat
   Pantai Timur Sabah

   Malaysian Relief Agency - MRA Kedah and Sabah
   26-30th September 2017

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