traditionally , prior to circumcision , kids are let to swim in river ,
    to make them more calm ( and believed to make their private part easier to operate )
    before being circumsised by local Tok Mudim.

    but in this modern time , kids are sprayed with water with help from
    the fire brigade.

    having fun first , before they suffer later. haha

    second time doing circumsicion with the master Hj Mukhtar.
    previously we did circumsicion for the Bajau Laut community in Sabah
    ( click here )

    Dr Firdaus from MRA Penang
    the last two siblings for the day.
    we have 28 kids registered for circumcision today

    observation bay before dispensing medications and discharged home

    Sunathon Perdana 2017
    organized by Malaysian Relief Agency ( MRA Kedah & Penang )
   and GRAB ( Persatuan Gerakan Amal Bersama )

   photo taken by me published in Berita harian : click here
   16th December 2017

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