Yohei Uchino

    indian rider

    indian rider

    indian rider

    indian rider

    Mumbai bmx kids

    i showed them my video edits , the M.I.K series and in-SPire bmx videos.

    bmx riders all the way from Mumbai , Manipur and northern India

    i gave them Devise and FlatCircus stickers

    Yohei showed me the idea behind his bike-flip trick

    Redbull Street Maharaja
    Koregaon Park , Pune , India
    10-12 June 2014

    Yohei Uchino is one of my favourite bmx rider.
    2008 Voodoo Jam World Champion

   more about Yohei Uchino : click here
   Yohei also blogged about his trip to India : click here

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