Aidil Fitri 2013 : 1 Syawal on friday

    takbir raya

    Naqi's house rooftop , same as last year.

    Haziq Ahmad as the imam for this year's solat sunat aidil fitri

    Nasrunsyafiq was assigned as khatib

    the number was less than last year

    the Belgaum first year juniors that just arrived in India few weeks ago

    1 Syawal 1434H
    Friday 9.08.2013
    Azam Nagar , Belgaum , Karnataka , India

    its a special aidil fitri this year as it fell on friday.
    something about Solat Jumaat vs Solat Sunat Aidilfitri
    that fell on the same day : click here.

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