Guhagar trip Oct 2013 | part 1 : en-route

    it was a last minute unplanned trip to Guhagar right away after finishing
    our last practical for preliminary exam.
    took a government bus from Karad to Guhagar.
    costs us Rs150 per person.

    Siddarth & Sanjay Bhaiya

    reached Patan bus station after 1 hour departure from Karad

    Patan town

    this bell is connected by a string throughout the lenght of the bus ,
    used by the conductor to call upon the passengers / bus driver

    Patan-Koynanagar route

    cool looking tree

    they are building more windmills in the rural areas now.
    electricity from hydroelectric dam in Koyna is not enough to supply our area.
    they need to rotate the supply to each district,
    and with the current cycle , my place Karad will not have electricity on
    Tuesdays daytime so that they can supply electricity to another district.

    Koynanagar bus station.

    the rough hilly terrain from Koynanagar to Chiplun

    narrow road , slippery and steep cliff

    we reached Chiplun bus stop at 6.30pm


    A trip to Guhagar Beach in Ratnagiri District after preliminary examination.
    145km from Karad
    supposed to take only 2-3hrs but with the slow old government bus ,
    departed at 3.30pm we reached Guhagar at 8.30pm

    October 2013

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