Guhagar trip Oct 2013 | part 3 : the beach

    capturing sunrise timelapse. bought that phone mount
    on ebay for just Rs300 @ RM15

    ND filters for long exposure photography

    morning beach walk staright away upon waking up from sleep

    our stay

    Rs800 per night for room for 3 persons.
    with AC , TV. quite comfortable. and most importantly near the beach

    i think finding these kind of fish corpses by at the beach means its
    a healthy beach , as these kind of fish only lives at healthy coral reefs.
    assuming that there are viable coral reefs nearby.

    or worse , people are destroying the habitat and fishes keep on dying.

    a clean ,healthy beach i must say.
    so many seagulls instead of crows.

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2 Responses to Guhagar trip Oct 2013 | part 3 : the beach

  1. imran says:

    dang. i miss india.

  2. qidran says:

    come back here. haha