Seringgit Dispatch 2014 Mount Kinabalu : Laban Rata

    Laban Rata lodges.

    our room at Laban Rata. A dorm for 6 people.
    we shared our room with a Japanese family.

    our room has no heater. but surprisingly our room was warm
    compared to the temperature outside.

    at about 3200 meters above sea level , the balcony
    is at the same level as the clouds. this is too awesome!

   we were lucky enough to have a nice sunny weather like this at
   Laban Rata .Because for most of the time ,
   Laban Rata is heavily fogged , and blocks the view of mount kinabalu

   buffet lunch starts at 4pm to 6.30pm

    at first i thought the price for the food is too expensive.
    but upon seeing the porters carry all the stuffs up and down
    the mountain during our climb , i understood why.
    Also the meals at Laban Rata are very very delicious.
    a range of everything from eastern to western meals ,
    including Nasi Lemak , Mee goreng , bbq chicken , fresh salads ,
    mutton etc.

    the climate can change very abruptly here. from sunny to cloudy
    to heavy rain in just a few seconds.
    we took a rest and a good sleep after dinner and solat
    ( water to take wudhu' was icy cold! ) and will continue
    ascending to the peak at 2a.m in the morning.

   Laban Rata 3200 meters above sea level.

   Seringgit Dispatch 2014
   Mount Kinabalu
   3-5th January 2014

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