Agashiv Valley | october 2014

    the sun starts to appear at around 6.10 am
    I started the trek as early as 5.40am from hostel so that I'll be
    able to catch the sunrise at Agashiv Valley

    the Western Ghat mountain range

    621 meters altitude

    my new Protrek PRW-3000

    wild berries

    Neem tree ( semambu in Malay )
    back in Malaysia , Malay folks used this to treat demam campak

    heart-shaped stone

    wild custard apple ( Sitaphal in Hindi , Nona in Malay )

    a King Cobra passing in front of me while descending from the hills
    it was a size of an adult man's arm , and more than 1 meter long

    no wonder the snakes in India are so big.
    the frogs are big too


    my bike

    Poha and Chai after trekking

   the Western Ghat mountain range
   Agashiv Nagar , Karad , Maharashtra India
   about 40mins from my hostel
   October 2014

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