white cloth.

    a newborn in an incubator in NICU

    stool sample

    feeding a newborn

    putting IV canulla ( jelco )

    oxygen hood

    karyotyping to determine the sex of an ambigious sex baby

    taking arterial blood from femoral artery

An artirst's work , taking blood sample from a baby's hands. 
The blood vessel is so small , just like a thread.

    manual bubble CPAP ( continuous positive airway pressure ) ventilation

 A sister's sacrifice.

Poor baby.admitted in NICU with her twin.

Her twin is now alright , but this older sister is not.
And now she's having necrotising enterocolitis.
Her abdomen distended , color changed , prominent veins on chest ,
very shallow breath and she looks very pale compared to previous days ,
and we had to intubate & put her on ventilators today.
And the sad part is that the parents have no more money left
to continue the treatment , after both the twins were admitted
for quite a long time in ICU.

To the socond twin : ( the younger sister ) , 

one day u'll remember how much ur parents loved you ,
and ur older sister who was born smaller & less helthier than you ,
as inside ur mother's womb , ur older sister 'gave' most of the nutrients to you ,
compromising her own life so that you can be born healthy
and be a good child for your parents.

To the older sister : there is no age limit to enter heaven.

    resuscitating a baby

    chubbiest baby in the ward , admitted for phototherapy to treat jaundice

    one time , we have to send a 4yrs old patient from Paediatrics ICU , 
    with lethargy , generalized oedema , hepatomegaly to an ultrasound center outside
    our hospital , because we want the result quick and reliable.
    at first , a local Indian intern was assigned for the task , since he can speak
    his native Marathi and Hindi language. but he refused , saying that riding
    an auto rickshaw in this hot weather is pathetic.
    An Indian himself , native of Karad  , is giving the statement. just wow.

   I took the task and sent the patient myself to the USG center 
   although I.m not that fluent in speaking Hindi , and paid
   the auto rickshaw fees as a Diwali gift to the child.

   I took it as an interesting experience for me  , sending patient with
   auto rickshaw instead of ambulance. A experience that I can get only in India.

A diabetic ketoacidosis patient in coma & under ventilator. 
Worse ABG reading I've ever seen , with blood pH 6.0
( insanely acidic for a human blood !)
HCO3 3 mmol/L , PaC02 3.0 kPa . 
We already thought she's already having brain-death , 
but fortunately she's showing some positive signs now 
( and we hope for that to remain ) .
She's from a poor family ,
Both her mum & dad died years ago due to AIDS ,

and her grandmother is taking care of her now.

Well , in Paediatrics , it's not just about cute babies & children 

happily playing & jumping around.
Cases like this happen regularly , and it really makes us emotionally devastated.


    Paediatrics Posting
    20/9/2014 - 19/10/2014

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