photo exhibition

    everything DIY for our photo exhibition set up

    50pcs of pallet woods for this set up
    under a 20ft x 20ft canopy tent

      i also did a 3D rendering of the photo exhibition set up
      using SketchUp application for a better visualisation
      of our ideas.

    the idea came when me and Sunny were discussing about
    the upcoming Karnival Orang Muda by YSB.
    we always wanted to do a photo exhibition together ,
    and we took this opportunity to make our dream come true.

    I partnered with my old time Sensei in BMX , Sunny.
    Sunny did most of the technical stuffs , while I took care
    of the paperworks and photography works.
    we also hired our friends to help out building
    the exhibition tent.

    cutting oil drum to make stools for our exhibition

    we worked from 7am to 1.00am to set up this photo exhibition.
    heart-shaped structure made from
    leftover pallets.
    with the available budget ,
    we utilize maximally everything we had
    and we didn't waste anything for this project.

    70% work done.
    i was more than happy so see our imagined set up finally becoming clearer.

    photo exhibition ready for viewing the day after.
    we also did an instagram photo contest.
    surprisingly we collected 400 + submissions
    for our #lensaKOMYSB2015 instagram photo contest
    within less than 36hours

    although ideally we wanted to do with pinewood pallets with
    higher quality and more items for our set up ,
    but we were more than happy to be able to construct
    this set up with the available funds.

    the prints comprises of my travel photos and action sports photos

    this was also my first time seeing my own photos being
    printed this big , with the biggest print of 3ft x 2ft and
    smallest of 8R size.
    usually I see my photos in my smartphone or laptop screen only.
    Quite exited to be able to appreciate the finer details
    of my printed photos , of which i can't aprreciate much
    in its digital form.

    our backbone Mr Sunny of RampMaster Enterprise ,
    very experienced in building skateparks and ramps.

    a visit by Yang Teramat Mulia Dato' Seri Diraja
    Tan Sri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz
    Binti Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah ,
    Chairman of Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah

    one of the highlights of the exhibition was
    photos of the achievement of YSB Extreme Team
    since 2003

    I am really really happy to finally
    did a photo exhibition of my photography works before
    I start my Housemanship soon.

    thank you very much Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah
    ( of which also my long time sponsor for
   BMX competitions since I was 13 years old )
   for giving me the opportunity to do
   a photo exhibition for the first time in my life.

    KOM - Karnival Orang Muda YSB
    11-12 September 2015
    Taman Jubli Emas , Suka Menanti
    Alor Setar


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  1. Nasir Ismail (YSB) says:

    With your heart, work hard, work smart, confidence, teamwork & passion. Proud to be one of the victory in your life..